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Not Looking Back

Yup it’s over! This is all the stuff left that I think should be in. There was another interview but his game’s already out and most of the interview had to do with exclusive junk while it was in development. I had a few reviews but I hate writing them and they were, in my eyes, poorly written. Then there were the jobs of the other members. I lost contact with everyone except Casey so well yeah…

But now it’s time to move on and look forward to new stuff! I’m already trying to contact a guy working on an XNA project. I’ve actually tried to interview him last year but he’s always busy for some reason.

I’m planning on interviewing one person/development team for every downloadable service for the home consoles. I’ve already got Wiiware, I’m trying to contact that guy for what possibly may be XBLA, and I’m looking into someone for PSN. I’m still going to interview games for the PC too. So don’t think I’ve forgotten all you inexsistant readers of my blog who play indie games on the PC.

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