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An interview with Twisted Pixel!

I finally was able to reach a developer ready to have an interview that does something other than WiiWare.  Finally.  I never wanted to specialize in WiiWare but I’ve found WiiWare developers to be easier to contact and interview.  Anyway here’s an interview with Twisted Pixel Games’, Jay Stuckwisch about their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, ‘Splosion Man!  It’s a bit short because these guys are really busy with the game and I didn’t want to take up too much of their time.

BA: What is the basic premise of ‘Splosion Man?

Jay Stuckwisch: You play as ‘Splosion Man, a wacky character made out of pure ‘splosions, and you’re trying to get out of the Big Science Laboratories while the scientists throw their most dangerous inventions and experiments at you.

BA: Can anything revealed about the gameplay?

Jay Stuckwisch: The gameplay is simple and fast-paced so that experts can learn to fly through each level kinda like the old Sonic games.  There are times when it almost feels like a rhythm game because you have to ‘splode in patterns to solve certain puzzles and obstacles.

BA: Is there anything the development team learned from The Maw that they plan on addressing/and or using for ‘Splosion Man?

Jay Stuckwisch: The biggest thing is that we’re adding multiplayer this time around.  And because of that, ‘Splosion Man has a lot more replayability than The Maw did as a single-player only game.  We’re hoping to see ‘Splosion Man in players’ recently played games lists for a long time. =)

BA: Was there any reaction when the similarly titled game, Explodemon!, was revealed on the same day?

Jay Stuckwisch: Not really.  Despite the similarities between ‘splosions and explosions, our two games are pretty different from each other.  Ours will be more of an action/platformer I think.  Plus the games are on different platforms and we have multiplayer.

For more information on Twisted Pixel Games don’t forget to visit their official site.

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