Leaking the best in gaming news

It’s been a slow week…

…So I might as well post some random stuff.

I made this for a Mother 4 fangame.  It was never in the game and I do believe the project was cancelled.

This was a Madworld sig I made.

This was a Mother sig I did.  You’ll notice a few problems.  There’s a sprite error next to Lucas’ shadow and the Earth sprite is missing a frame.  It was on purpose really out of laziness.

More Mother stuff I made.  At the time I had completed the Mother 3 fan translation so I was really into the series.  I still am but I was having a whole Mother theme in my mind.

Yeah it just keeps going on.

This was from a fan-made GTA clone called CrimeLife 2.  It was never completed so there were a bunch of glitches.  Another hilarious thing was when using cheats I made a helicopter and Hummer appear.  They were placed in the same area so it looked like a Hummer with a bunch of propellers.  I was lucky too because they were the same color when I created them.

Oh and here’s a drawing I did.  It was a joke I had with some friends about Eeyore being the next villain in Kingdom Hearts 3.  I have a few more drawings but I almost never keep them in a single place.  I guess that’s a bad thing to do.

I guess that’s it for now.

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