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Fragile Questions answered!

The minute I learned that Fragile was being translated by XSEED I just had to email them some questions.

Fragile was one of my most hyped games for the Wii during its development and I was so excited that my dream of the game being localized was coming true!

Sorry if some of the questions seem pretty bad, everything was a blur during the moment between me knowing about the localization and me typing out those questions.

BA: How did this translation come to be?  Did XSeed reach Namco Bandai or did Namco Bandai reach XSeed?  Was the fan feedback for Fragile an influential part in convincing Namco Bandai?

XSEED: We went to them.  It was a title we had been keeping our eye on for a while, but started asking about it when their US subsidiary failed to announced a North American release.  We wanted it from the start, but having fans write in and request the title definitely helped firm up our belief that this title needed to be brought over.

BA: Fragile producer, Kentarou Kawashima, said that other titles in the Fragile series may come about in the future.  Is bringing Fragile to North America a way to establish a fanbase here so that future iterations of the series can succeed in at least North America and Japan?

XSEED: We didn’t know anything about this when we first started discussing the title with them.  Can’t speak on their behalf, but it’s possible that wanting to make it a series motivated them more to release it worldwide.

BA: You said that there might be a chance to have the original Japanese voices.  Would it be possible to have a sort of “Japanese mode” where it’s basically the Japanese version? (yeah pretty stupid question <_>)

XSEED: Don’t understand the question.  Other than translating text to English, we really don’t plan on changing much since we want to keep the original creator’s vision intact as much as possible.

BA: Are the vocal songs by Aoi Teshima going to be translated and dubbed like the voice actors?  Is having Aoi Teshima re-sing it in English an option?

XSEED: No plans to dub or change the song, we want to leave it as is.

BA: Is every Japanese text in the game going to be translated?  There are some moments where Japanese text cues appear and personally I’d like those little touches to stay.

XSEED: Plans to provide sub-titles on some of the major Japanese graffiti on the walls and environments, but not actually changing anything that’s written.

BA: There were some gameplay aspects that caused a bit of a problem in the original title.  If there was enough time, would these gameplay issues be addressed?

XSEED: None of the original gameplay is being changed, but the dev team is excited about the North American release and are looking into trying to add some extras for us.  Keep your fingers crossed…

BA: Personally, how do the people at XSeed feel about this project?

XSEED: We couldn’t be more excited to be working on this title, we all played it and loved it, so just knew we had to do everything we could to bring it over.

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