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Mega Man 2.5D Creator Interview!

I saw the trailer (yeah didn’t know about the demo before it) and I had to talk with the guy who thought of this!

BA: So who are you and what is Megaman 2.5D?

Peter: My name is Peter Sjostrand. I’m 24 years old and currently work part-time as a computer teacher. This gives me a lot of time to focus on my hobby which is animation. Mega Man 2.5d is an animated game concept that I made since I’ve had the idea for a long time.

Mega Man also happens to be one of my absolute favourite franchises so I guess you could also say that this is my way of paying tribute to it.

BA: So this has no playable form at the moment?

Peter: As of today there is no playable version. I’m mainly an animator and as such I couldn’t do it myself. There’s also the problem that Capcom owns the rights to the franchise which means that they would most likely shut down such a game.

Considering that it’s up to Capcom to decide if they wish to make such a game. Though I certainly hope that they do since I feel that the concept has a lot of potential and I feel that the video clearly demonstrates this.

BA: Could you explain the basic concept of the “game”?

Peter: Basically the idea is that Mega Man 2.5D contains both a single-player and a co-op mode. The single-player mode would be based on Mega Man 2 and stay fairly close to the original game though also adding a lot of 3D elements to put a new spin on the game as seen in the earlier parts of the trailer.

The co-op mode however would be based on Mega Man 3 since that game introduced the slide move which I feel works good in a co-op environment.

I also consider Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 to be the best in the series, so that’s another reason why I wanted to focus on those games.

BA: Just for fun, how many Mega Man games have you played?

Peter: Probably around 30 or so. For me the classic series is the absolute best, but I also enjoy the X series as well as more recent Zero series.

BA: Oh wow.  Okay well back on track.  So the co-op mode won’t have any 3D portions?

Peter: Well there are some 3D elements to the co-op mode, but most of the 3D portions are in the single-player mode while the co-op more is more traditional mega man with emphasis on working together to get through the levels. In the co-op mode the main function of the 3D is really to be able to pull back the camera depending on how far Mega Man and Proto Man are from each other, as demonstrated in the trailer.

BA: Yeah I noticed that.  So being that the these games are based on 2 and 3 will they stay true to their roots and not feature mechanics from future Mega Man titles?

Peter: Well I definitely want to try and stick fairly close to the originals. The Mega Buster from mega man 4 and on would not be in since I’ve always felt that this was a fairly poor addition to the series.

Though I had to include some newer mechanics in the co-op mode such as real time weapon swapping as it would be fairly annoying if the other player kept pausing to bring up the weapons menu.

BA: Oh good.  You already answered my question with the weapon swap.  So how have you felt about the feedback you’ve been getting with this game?

Peter: Overwhelming to say the least. I wasn’t expecting the first video I put out in march to get that many views. As a long time Mega Man fan it’s been absolutely great to see that people enjoy the videos.

BA: I have to say the video looks very believable.  It really does look like someone is playing the game.  Hypothetically, if this game was to be developed, what would you add in or change to what you’ve already presented?

Peter: Well basically I would just expand on what I’ve already shown. I’ve been thinking a lot about level design and have a lot of ideas for different types of puzzles that I think would work well. I also have some ideas for co-op boss fights that I think could work really well.

BA: Cool.  Again just a little bit of fun, could you name your favorite Robot Master and level?

Peter: Hmm that’s a tough call. There are just so many great robot masters and levels. But if I had to choose then I’d probably have to say either Metal Man or Snake Man.

Not so much for the bosses themselves but more for the actual levels and especially the excellent music.

BA: So what could you compare an average level in Mega Man 2.5D to from Mega Man 2 or Mega Man 3?  What could we look at from those games to get a gist of a basic level in Mega Man 2.5D?

Peter: Hmm well you mean in terms of level length or…?

BA: Yeah level length.

Peter: The idea I had was for each of the levels to be about twice as long as in the originals. Partly because I always felt that the original levels were a bit on the short side but also because Mega Man 2.5D is in widescreen which would make them seem even shorter.

In the co-op part of the trailer they got to the sky portion of the level towards the end. For those who are familiar with the level this is the last part of the level just before the boss. However in this game you go down again after that part and there are some more traps to get through before reaching the boss.

So I’ve tried to play a lot with what a Mega Man fan would expect and to change it around some.

BA: Crazy!  Well I think that’s all I can ask for the time being.  Thanks for the interview and do you have any final words or comments?

Peter: You’re very welcome. I would just like to thank all of the mega man fans out there for the overwhelming response. At first I wasn’t planning to do any more videos like this. But now I might just have to reconsider that.

Don’t forget to check out Peter’s official homepage for details about his project.  I’m not saying I know anything but I wouldn’t stop paying attention to this project… it might come true.  ;P

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