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Nintendo again complicates things

Geez Nintendo why do you have to make the choices for Club Nintendo rewards so difficult?  I have a choice between a collectible hat or a digitally distributed fan service.

The Mario hat has props for actually being tangible.  In a few years I’ll (hopefully)still be able to have it in my hands or on my head.  While the Punch-Out!!! match with Doc Louis is some awesome fan service it’s just a little match and it will probably only last me for a few days.  Plus who knows what could happen to my Wii.  If it breaks down I might never see it again especially when a few have passed generations.

The Doc Louis WiiWare does have some pros as well.  Obviously it’s going to be rarer.  On Amazon I’ll probably find the hat for sale.  Yeah it will cost more but you can’t resell a digitally distributed game (Hah!  It works!  Take that Gamestop/GameCrazy/Blockbuster).  Next I have no real use for the hat besides the novelty of it being a free collectible.  Hypothetically the WiiWare is the same thing except I’ll have somewhat of a use for it.

I can’t really complain though.  These are gifts from Nintendo, some good gifts too.  All I really wanted was a black Classic Controller Pro though but what can you do?

Oh fyi if you don’t understand this rant.  Nintendo just released the choices for the Club Nintendo prizes.  Yeah…


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