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My first animated gif

Four Swords NES

Four Swords NES

Since I don’t want to waste a post (even though I have an unlimited amount) I just want to mention that YouTube is strangely not working for me.  The ‘Splosion Man trailer’s taking a long time to process so here’s an alternate site you can go to watch the trailer.

Yes this was the first thing I ever made.  Using a combination of MS paint, Giffy, and UnFREEz I created this.  Now that I’ve gotten a bit more experience I can already notice one flaw.

Originally it was supposed to have the actual tiles like a normal dungeon in the original Legend of Zelda but I was not skilled or experienced enough to understand the concept or how I would properly animated it.

What I did instead to show movement was  have “Blue Link” stand still (to show that the other Links were moving) and have that Rupee pass by to show that they[the Links] have walked passed it.

Now that I look at it now it just isn’t right.  The Blue Link and the Rupee are moving at different paces.  Either the Rupee is moving or that other Link is somehow moving without actually walking.

Anyway this was my first animated gif.  I posted this because it was something I was always planning on typing out eventually and because the more time this image pops up on the Internet (I usually use this as an avatar) the more likely someone will take it.

I want the credit for this one at least.  This was a huge accomplishment and milestone for me personally.

Although I may not use the same programs I did when I made that animated gif seeing my animation look somewhat decent helped to get me into doing more pictures and animations (Even though I rarely do so).

One response

  1. not bad for your first attempt, keep it up man!

    August 12, 2009 at 11:58 am

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