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Exclusive: Audio, Video: Disco Preview

To continue on with our AVD coverage is an exclusive preview for the game.  I don’t want to reveal too much stuff so I’ll try to keep it short.


The game takes place in a city known as Heden.  Some would call Heden a paradise.  Through a fair social hierarchy and digital technology society is stable and natural resources are highly integrated.  If things couldn’t get better your role in society is chosen by you rather than society limiting what you can and cannot do.

The player is one of four main characters.  After graduating Heden’s only school, known as “the Garden”, students are sent on a year long self-realization to find out their role in the world.  The main character starts the game on this journey uncovering his relevance to the world and what might be troubling his world.

The game’s digital theme remains a big part of the game’s story and as you learn to understand it the story unfolds.


While I didn’t get to have any hands-on time with the game (due to the fact that it’s not yet playable) I did receive a presentation that displayed what the game would be like.

On-screen there are always three main objects.  The player’s avatar, the landing reticule, and something called the “Mortal Coil”.

On-screen there are always three main objects.

The player’s character will always be slightly to the right or left of the screen.  The choice is up to you.  When running the character centers in front of the screen.

The reticule is used to basically indicate where the player will land on when jumping across platforms.  When aiming at a certain area with the reticule, you are allowed to perform a sort of “route streaming” where the game displays the best route to take to reach the desired area.

Finally there’s the mortar coil.  It’s that design seen at the top right.  It displays your health basically.  A better term would be energy though.  You obviously drain health when taking damage but in order to use the route streaming technique you must sacrifice a portion of your coil.

The game has a season system where the different seasons affect the a geometry of the city as well as the story.


This is something I can’t really explain nor would it really matter.  The game apparently utilizes something known as the reflex pad.  It’s basically the standard Sony dual analog controller but with the added functionality of being able to twist the control due to the unique design of the center of the controller.  It’s much easier to check it out what I mean from the trailer below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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By twisting and rotating the controller you control different aspects of how the physics of the game work and the stance of the player.  The game will also support the SIXAXIS controller.

Climbing and jumping have thankfully do not use motion controls.  The game uses a combination of buttons for different actions.  For example you may run up a wall with the R1 button but then you have the choice of sliding down the wall slowly by releasing the R1 button and holding the L1 button or jumping off the wall by continuing to hold the R1 button while also pressing X.

Overall the project seems very ambitious and intriguing.  The game itself is still very early in development and many things could change when it’s finally released.  Keep this in mind but don’t just ignore it because it may change.

The game seems like a very innovative title that’s never a bad thing in this industry.

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