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Bloopers: Yes Nintendo I do intend to purchase your games, but…

Im calling you out Nintendo!!!

Yes Layton, I'm stupid. You don't have to point it out though.

Hooray for being uninformed!!!  I’m adding this to my new category for bloopers.  Posts where ignorance gets the best of me!  -_-

I recently bought some WiiWare games and I thought I might check out my Club Nintendo account just for the fun of seeing my games there (and because I wanted to see if I had gained any points ) when I decided to check out the “Intend to Purchase” list.

I vaguely remembered the games but I wanted to check again just to see. I looked at the games and yeah there wasn’t anything really to say.

I went to check out some info on Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, since I haven’t kept up to date about the game and I noticed on Wikipedia that the dates didn’t match.  I thought,  “Oh this is just Wikipedia, they probably have it wrong.”

I looked it up on Amazon and found that the date was actually correct… on Wikipedia.  I dug into this situation a bit more and I noticed Professor Layton wasn’t the only one that had the dates wrong.

Get it, dig... haha Im so clever

Get it, dig? Haha I'm so clever

All three games, Professor Layton and the Diablocal Box, Fossil Fighters, and the Metroid Prime Trilogy all had the dates off by a month.

I wonder how neglectful Nintendo of America is with the service (the Metroid Prime Trilogy boxart wasn’t even updated).  Since Nintendo does seem to get the most hate of the Big Three I’ll keep quiet now but I hope Nintendo notices this and fixes it soon.

My eyes were like this...

My eyes were like this...

What surprises me more though is that I can’t find anyone that noticed this first.  Granted I took like 5 seconds to see if anyone else found had said anything about this but still…

I guess people are more focused right now on the prizes than other stuff.

2 responses

  1. ReZon

    No one noticed it because nothing is wrong. Those aren’t release dates, just start and end dates where you can let Club Nintendo know that you “intend to buy”.

    July 31, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    • Ohhh. Now I feel stupid…

      July 31, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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