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Live Muramasa Stream bits of info

If most of you didn’t know Ignition Entertainment, the publishers localizing the Muramasa: The Demon Blade, for North American streamed the upcoming Wii title live at around 5:00 PM Pacific Time today.  During the stream the guys over at Ignition answered questions about the Japanese mythology based game during the playthrough.  I was able to keep record of the few things they answered and stuff I saw in-game:

  • Game made specifically for Wii.  It’s most likely to not see the game for other consoles any time soon.
  • Different foods boost different stats.
  • Weapon upgrading based on stats (ex: some weapons cannot be forged until your strength is at a high enough level).
  • The two characters’ campaigns share some levels but follow a different order.
  • Amazon will soon announce something special related to the game.
  • There is no censoring of any kind.
  • Some enemies can be used for food ingredients.
  • You are not always required to kill the enemies you meet.  You get XP for every enemy you do kill but no bonuses if you run away and don’t kill every enemy in an encounter.
  • There will be optional bosses that you will have to find yourself.
  • The hot spring is more than just “fan service”.  It is connected to the story progression and it heals both your weapons and health.
  • Some areas will be specifically for level grinding.
  • Another Muramasa stream will be playing next week on September 9th at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (EDITOR’S NOTE: The Stream was on the 2nd not the ninth.  It’s hard to record so much info on the spot so I’m sorry).

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