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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Update

I know some of you readers here are prone to making fansites (you know who you are) and Square Enix has recently released a fankit for personal usage.  Yeah so if you’re interested go ahead and download (after you read the Terms and Conditions, obviously).

Interestingly in the fankit is an enemy not yet seen in footage.  It’s called the Quall.  Now the Crystal Chronicles sub-series obviously shares some enemies with the parent series but I have no idea if this is a new, unique enemy made for the sub-series or if it’s a redesigned enemy.

Here’s an image of the monster.

Anyway I just wanted to inform people of this fan kit and to generate more buzz about another great Wii game that I’m looking forward too that doesn’t seem to be hyped as much as others.

You can download the press kit on the official site for the game here.

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