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Bit.Trip CORE – News

Click the image to check out a trailer for the game.

Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog with relevant game news.  Blame it on the return from a summer break.  I’ve been too busy to do much.  Sorry.  Anyway Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games’ was cool enough to answer some quick answers related to the developer’s next title, Bit.Trip VOID.

How does the checkpoint system work?

Alex Neuse:

The checkpoint system is a way to give players the mid-level reprieves that they’ve been wanting since BIT.TRIP BEAT.  Since BIT.TRIP VOID is a much more relaxed game, we felt that checkpoints fit really well into the overall design/theme of the game.
The way they work is that there are 3 checkpoints per level.  The action stops (but the music keeps rockin’) and the player can review their accomplishments for the level during the checkpoint bonus screen before continuing on.
Also, in VOID, if the players manage to get high enough scores, they will earn credits, just like in the arcade games of yore.  If they experience a Game Over and they have credits saved up, they can choose to continue from the most recent checkpoint reached. Also, we give away one free credit just for starting a level.  We’re nice like that.

How’s the development of the game coming along?  Any word on the release date?

Alex Neuse:

The game is in its very final stages and should be released relatively soon.  We don’t have a firm release date yet, but once we do, I’ll be sending out a press release to our beloved internet buds (like you), so keep watching your inbox.
Click the image to check out the trailer for the game!

Click the image to check out the trailer for the game!

Anything more you can hint at about any of Gaijin Game’s upcoming projects?
Alex Neuse:
Well, you know that we’re finishing up the BIT.TRIP series, so that’s taking a lot of our time and energy.  But I would hate for people to think that we’re not working on something in our “spare” time as well…  Details of these project(s), however, shall remain very vague until we’ve got something super cool to show you.
If you’re lookin’ for a hint for the next BIT.TRIP game, though, even though it’s insanely early on, jump over to our Facebook page and check out the hint that we dropped earlier this week.
While you’re there, feel free to become a fan as well.  We do contests and stuff periodically using our exciting Facebookification skillz.

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