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Co-op Mega Man? That sounds familiar…

As some of you may know Mega Man 10 has recently been announced for WiiWare with the added twist of being co-op.  When I heard this news I remembered how bad of a player I was for not completing Mega Man 9 but I soon remembered that the rumor of a two player Mega Man sounded eerily familiar.

Yeah Capcom was beaten to the punch when an avid Mega Man fan thought up of Mega Man 2.5D.  You may remember seeing a trailer or demo for the game and seeing both a Mega Man that rocks the third dimension and manages to have do some neat two player co-op.

When we talked with Peter Sjostrand the game was still not even in development but I managed to contact Mr. Sjostrand to see his thoughts on this announcement:

“I’m thrilled about Mega Man 10 having been announced and that it will feature co-op. I do however hope that this does not make my own Mega Man project (Mega Man 2.5D) redundant.

Not much is known about how the co-op in Mega Man 10 will work, but I believe that Mega Man 10 will primarily be built for single player in terms of level design, whereas our own game is being built primarily for co-op which allows for interesting ways to get through the levels (as seen in the concept video). It also supports widescreen which is especially nice to have when playing co-op.

Although Mega Man 10 might also have this, it seems more likely that the game will e 4:3 just as Mega Man 9 was. So overall I think that the differences
between Mega Man 10 and Mega Man 2.5D will be pretty significant. Until proven wrong about this, we will keep developing Mega Man 2.5D :)”

This is Mega Man 2.5D not Mega Man 10. 😀

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