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More in store from XSEED

I once again contact XSEED to get info on pre-order bonuses related to their upcoming games and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

“In terms of pre-order bonuses, do you know about the Lunar Collectors Edition?  Or how about the exclusive Ragnarok Online accessories for your online avatar by pre-ordering Ragnarok DS at participating retailers?  We are also currently looking into a pre-order bonus for Fragile Dreams as well.”

And yes, we have some titles beyond Q1 which we haven’t announced yet.  We will probably make an official announcement within a month’s time or so about our upcoming lineup.

Personally I don’t follow portable games too often.  The media rarely covers portables so I rarely get excited for the games.  I didn’t even know about the pre-order bonuses for Lunar: The Silver Star PSP or Ragnarok Online DS.  So for those that knew, take this as a reconfirmation.  😛
I am intrigued with what XSEED’s going to bring for the rest of the year.  I’m hoping for Sakura Note but when contacting them last September there weren’t any plans at the time.  A lot can change in 4 months.  Crossing fingers.

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