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XSEED Talks about the Reversible Covers and Samurai Shodown

XSEED explains why they decided to localize Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny (I always thought it was Samurai Showdown) and the recent trend of reversible boxart covers.

Q: Well it’s great to see that the pre-order bonus for Fragile has been announced but what really intrigued me is the fact that the game was announced to have a reversible cover.  Looking at Sky Crawlers and Fragile, is Xseed starting a new trend of reversible covers for their new releases?

“We will do what we can to please as many fans whenever possible.  We were fortunate to get approval to do the reversible covers on both Sky Crawlers and Fragile Dreams with their respective teams, so let’s hope this streak of good luck continues.”

Q: Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny didn’t receive the most favorable critical response in Japan when it was originally released.  Why is Xseed localizing this game despite its not so positive reviews?

“Samurai Shodown has personally been one of my favorite fighting series having played the heck out of the first one and its sequel in arcades, so when the opportunity presented itself we were ecstatic to have a chance to work on the first next-gen console version.  From what I’ve played Samurai Shodown Sen has kept the spirit of the series alive, while still being a blast to play.”

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