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Behind-the-scenes | Metroid: Other M

Once in a while Battery Acid gets some pretty juicy stuff to report about and today I have something awesome to show you guys!  For a while now I’ve known some small bits of info related to the upcoming Nintendo game, Metroid: Other M.  I’ve been talking with an insider for some time about what’s up with the development.

I’m not saying I know much about the game though.  In reality I’m about as clueless as those outside of the major media that attended the recent Media Summit.  What I do know though is that at least the cutscenes have changed from what we’ve seen from the E3 trailer, according to my inside source.

I don’t have much media to show you at the moment but let’s take a look at what presents I have today!

Now if you remember the E3 trailer way back last summer you may remember seeing what looks to be a cylindrical space object/station.  Much has changed since then but again I can’t show you much (because this is all I have at the moment).  According to my source they’ve added a more detail to the scene like a heavier atmosphere.

Anyway onto the media.

Click to to see the original resolution.

Now don’t get too worked up about this because while it does look nice it’s only concept art.

Click to see the original resolution.

Now here’s a better look at things.  This is a render of the scene shown briefly in the E3 trailer and in the concept art.  You have a more detailed look at things and what seems Samus’ gunship, that looks more like the gunship from Metroid Prime: 2 (what with those landing pods) and less like the one seen in Super Metroid but who knows, it could just be the angle.

So yeah that’s it for now.  I guess this conclusion sort of fizzled without really bang.  Oh well see you guys next time!

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