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The Grinder revelations

At GDC it was revealed that the 360 version of The Grinder, previously a Wii exclusive first person shooter, is now a top-down shooter.  I got the chance to get answers back from David Pellas about what’s up with the new version and what’s happening with the Wii version.

Q: So is the game more “arcade-y” now?  If so how is progression like?

The game is a bit more fast-paced than the previous iteration, as we are able to feature a much larger number of enemies on screen at the same time and we really enjoy the intensity of the action.  That said, I wouldn’t say it is necessarily more arcadey now because the game still maintains a lot of the original concepts like earning money for kills and the ability to change weapons.

We are still working on several key systems for the game that will affect how progression is handled.  So it is difficult to answer that question at this time because it may change.  That said, if you are familiar with some of our past games, I think you will be able to determine the type of progression style that we are currently developing.

The current build of the 360 version.

Q: What of the Wii version?  If it still is a first person shooter will the games share the same enemies?

We have not made any announcements on the Wii version at this time, but I expect us to do so soon.  I will say that all versions of the game will share a large portion of the content that we create.

2 responses

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  2. Zaitrox

    Changing the genre of the game isn’t a smart move… I thought HVS had a great chance with the FPS, because the PS3 doesn’t have anything in the sense of L4D and what the Grinder was…

    March 13, 2010 at 10:04 pm

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