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Bit.Trip Runner release date!

So, as the story goes, it looks like BIT.TRIP RUNNER’s release date is going to be 5/17 in the US!  The EU release should follow very shortly thereafter.

For those of you who are awesome, we need not explain the uber-radness that is the BIT.TRIP series.  You already know.

For those of you who are about to become awesome, let me explain:

BIT.TRIP RUNNER marks the first fully character-based adventure for CommanderVideo with:

  • Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
  • Boss Battles Against Robotic Terrors!
  • 50+ Challenges!
  • Classic NES-Style Controls!
  • A Pounding Chiptune-Inspired Soundtrack!
  • Special Chiptune Guest Star Anamanaguchi!
  • New Friends for CommanderVideo!

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is coming to the WiiWare Service on 5/17/2010!

The BIT.TRIP series is a critically adored rhythm-music franchise available exclusively on the WiiWare service.  So, if you haven’t played the previous games in the series, now might be a good time to pick ’em up so you’re not left in the dust when the thrilling BIT.TRIP saga continues!

And remember, sometimes a really good video game is just awesome.

press release

Finally!  Run out to stores now to pick up those Nintendo point cards.  You won’t want to miss this game!

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