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More Bit.Trip RUNNER!

Now don’t get too excited.  This is just a little one.

But in the spirit of getting totally pumped for the release of BIT.TRIP RUNNER just TWO DAYS AWAY (in Europe), I wanted to let all you video game nerds and reporters and nerd-reporters know that you can enjoy a little taste of RUNNER right now!

That’s right.

This papercraft BIT.TRIP RUNNER diorama should be just the thing for die-hard BIT.TRIPPERS to irresponsibly print out on that excellent color printer at the office, replace the in-law’s ashes on the mantle at home, or wear as protective headgear in emergency situations.

“BIT.TRIP RUNNER has me totally excited.  I just can’t put it down!”, said Alex Neuse (again, me) of Gaijin Games, Inc.

Next Monday, we’re going to have one final tasty nugget (aside from the game itself) for everyone.  And Monday’s nugget is quite a nugget indeed.  Make room on your MP3 player of choice…

Hopefully you’re all very close to peeing your pants with excitement as we continue the ramp up towards the inevitable BIT.TRIP RUNNER release dates.

BIT.TRIP RUNNER marks the first fully character-based adventure for CommanderVideo with:

* Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
* Boss Battles Against Robotic Terrors!
* 50+ Challenges!
* Classic NES-Style Controls!
* A Pounding Chiptune-Inspired Soundtrack!
* Special Chiptune Guest Star Anamanaguchi!
* New Friends for CommanderVideo!

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is coming to EU on 5/14 and to the US on 5/17 for the WiiWare Service.

Remember to become a fan on our Official BIT.TRIP Facebook Page, and start following us on Twitter!  I know you’d hate to miss out on all the contests and fabulous prizes that erupt from the geyser of awesome that we maintain here in sunny Santa Cruz, CA.

Love and cuddles,
Alex Neuse

press release

I actually had this on Wednesday but I’ve been totally swamped this whole week.  Obviously from looking at how barren the site’s been lately you could tell (if you’re one of those rare, special regulars of this site) but since summer is coming you can expect a spike in activity (at least from my side).  Sorry for being sidetracked from the real news and focus of the actual post.

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