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An Interview about Seasons…

Check out my interview with Swing Swing Submarine’s William David about their work-in-progress game, Seasons, currently scheduled to be released for the PC and console digital distribution services.

What is Seasons all about?

Seasons is a 2D platform/puzzle game in which the player, as a wild fox, travels across the countryside, through forests and rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons.

As you can imagine, the most important element of the game are seasons the player can control to explore the world and solve puzzles.

How does level progression work? Will it be a strict level to level advancement until you reach the last level or is each level more of an area that the player can revisit and traverse at their leisure?

Well, I don’t want to tell too much about that. I think it’s better for the players to discover the game by themselves. But I can tell you it will not be strictly linear, nor strictly open.

Seasons seems like it will be a very peaceful and calming game. How will this reflect on the gameplay? Will the game lack enemies and the platforming not be so intense?

You’re right, Seasons is quite a peaceful game. There are no enemies, and no way to die also.

The player has to think about how to overcome obstacles more than how to perform actions.

Game development’s almost reached a full year how do you feel about the game at the moment?

From September to January, we knew what we wanted to do for Seasons and what the game was, but not exactly how to do it. We took the time to try and think more about the concept and all the things that result from this concept (art, gameplay,…) and since February, we have a clear vision of the game. We released another tiny flash game experiment in May and now we are 100% on Seasons, and we like every day we work on it 🙂

2010 is the planned release date. Do you think that’s still possible? Have you reached any publishers?

If we release the game in 2010, it will be at the very end of the year. I can’t promise the game will be out in December, but we still have this “deadline” in mind to finish the dev of Seasons so… Be patient 🙂 We will not release Seasons if we aren’t sure that it is good enough.

Any final words that I most likely didn’t cover that you’d like to mention?

I’m glad to see that Seasons and our games in general have some followers. We are working hard to create the best game experience we can, so thank you for your support. 🙂

Next month, we will be at the Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Paris and players will have the possibility to play parts of Seasons. We are very excited about this so if you are in Paris in September (10,11 and 12) don’t hesitate to come see to see us.

Thanks again!

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