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Interview with Brian Provinciano

Check out a new interview with Brian Provinciano about his new upcoming game, Retro City Rampage.  A game littered with nostalgia and references.

Q: I know this question might be impossible to answer but from start to end, how many references could you count?

Indeed. I couldn’t even begin to count, need to spend that time finishing the game haha.

Q: What will be the average length of the game? Does it adhere to the typical length of an NES game?

It’s far longer. Surely the longest 8-bit style game ever made. It’ll have around 40 story missions, 30 spree missions and all of the exploration and interactions around the town on top of that.

Q: Did you ever “limit” the game in order to make it more like the NES games you reference?

It definitely feels authentic, although the hardware limitations were the only thing which limited it –the graphics and audio specifcially. These for example, limited the cars to 16 directions of rotation, something which definitely makes the game different from modern ones. In all other cases however, I’ve focused on making it play like modern games and be as intuative as today’s gamers expect things to be.

Q: In order to make the game much more interesting you integrated various moments and setpieces that reference older games. These moments are integrated into the gameplay so as not to feel like a mini-game but actually part of the main game. I’d like to know if you managed to integrate any of the NES turn-based RPG moments.

I can neither confirm, nor deny the existence of turn-based RPG moments, haha.

Q: Will we see any big, bad bosses?

The footage which has come online now shows the first boss, the BioniCop. He’s powerful, but still a man. Bulletproof and weilds a deadly weapon. The good news is not only can you obtain the bioclaw, you’ll also be able to power-up with his armour to run faster and deflect bullets too.

Q: The game seems to have a score multiplier. How important are these points to the game? Do they relate to character progression? Is an online leaderboard possible?

The 30 sprees are all focused on score, so that’s their primary purpose. As for the rest of the game, much of it is for leaderboards, but there’s also an achivement related to a specific score.

Q: It is possible to pick up weapons and items from other players but does this game have a inventory? Can you keep certain tools for the entirety of the game?

Certain weapons need to be continually refilled, others you will be able to grab from your hideout once obtained.

Q: Was there any specific reason for why the game got renamed?

The original NES game was in fact, a different game. If you’re referring to why the game’s name is nothing like that other’s, um, yes. *laughs*

Q: How far into development were you with the actual NES version before you moved on to the current version today?

Retro City Rampage is a completely original title. However, its concept stems from that original NES project. It had reached a fully playable state where you could explore the first [GTA3] island, use weapons, steal cars, collect hidden packages and even play a few missions. Development halted however in favor of Retro City Rampage, a more ambitious, original title for modern platforms.

Q: There are still plans for the game to be available on platforms other than WiiWare.

Retro City Rampage is already fully running on two of the three consoles and will be released on at least two, if not all three. I can only announce WiiWare at the moment, however.

Q: What potential do you see in the 3DS?

Lots! I’m excited to work on a 3DS project in the future, absoutely. I’ve already been discussing potential ideas with colleagues.

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  4. thanks for news…

    September 10, 2010 at 8:45 am

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  6. What a great interview by you guys 100% great stuff.

    May 28, 2011 at 11:26 pm

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