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Bit.Trip FATE fanart

I haven’t done this in a while.  The last one I made was for Core, skipping both Void and Runner.  I had to make up for this and I here it is.

“Embracing Fate”

I call it Embracing Fate (Look at me.  I’m so fancy for naming my pictures :3).  This thing went through numerous different  forms.  Originally I was going to call it “Following Fate” with Commander Video in the bottom left corner of the foreground and the “heart” plus sign thingy being in the background with Commander Video reaching for it.

I didn’t like the way it was looking so I began thinking of different angles that would portray the same thing.  I thought of maybe having the heart in the foreground then having Commander Video in the background trying to reach for it.  I drew it out and then I thought that it looked a like he was trying to hug the thing.  Then we get to where we are now.

Commander Video as he appears in Super Meat Boy

I decided for a cutesy look since I really loved the way Commander Video’s portrayed in the upcoming Super Meat Boy (releasing this October for XBLA, PC, and WiiWare :P).

Originally I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I had the basic image of Commander Video hugging his heart, which receive minor changes as time went on, but it still was very static and lacking color.  I thought the simplest solution would be to have him surrounded with a bubble like in FATE.  The bubble would also alternate between the signature rainbow trail colors.  It would also bob up and down like it does in my final version.

The problem came when I had to transition colors.  That was hard to do well.  Eventually I gave up on that.  I had to find a way to have the colors though because the image was looking extremely barren.  The next idea was the rainbow trail Commander video typically leaves.

Again I hit a roadblock because I had to animate the trail left behind while it bobbed up and down.  I might not have established this before but if you haven’t figured it out yet, I suck.  Haha.  So I couldn’t do that trail either even though it sounded perfect and I could imagine it in my head.

Finally I just decided to have the entire background feature the colors.  Looking at the background though it just seemed perfect to animate.  And thus the final version was conceived.

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