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Interview with CEO of Gaijin Games; discusses Bit.Trip Fate, Gaijin Games’ future after Bit.Trip, and more!

Bit.Trip Fate!
I recently got the opportunity to interview the CEO of Gaijin Games, Alex Neuse. Gaijin Games is the studio responsible for the popular Bit.Trip series on WiiWare, and the upcoming “Bit.Trip Fate”. We get into many subjects, including the Bit.Trip series making its way onto other platforms, Bit.Trip Fate, the final Bit.Trip game, Gaijin Game’s next game after the Bit.Trip Series, and more!

Will Bit.Trip Fate be the final game in the Bit.Trip series?

Nope! There are 6 games in the BIT.TRIP series. We’ve got one more to go, and it’s shaping up to be freaking astounding!

Compared to the other Bit.Trip games, how different will Fate be with both it’s game play and it’s visuals?

Well, we try to change it up with each chapter in the series, so FATE will be much different from any of the other games. You’re once again in control of CommanderVideo’s corporeal form, and this time you’re going to be playing our take on the “on-rails shooter” genre. It’s a much less high-concept and more traditional game.

I heard Bit.Trip Runner will be making it’s way onto iPhone, is this true? Will there be any new features?

There aren’t any concrete plans to bring BIT.TRIP RUNNER to the iPhone yet, but BIT.TRIP BEAT is coming to the “i” devices and should be released very soon. There will also be new levels for BIT.TRIP BEAT that are iPhone exclusive. These will be remixed to the BIT.TRIP VOID soundtrack.

Do you plan on releasing any of the other Bit.Trip games that are still exclusive to Wii on another platform?

We’re always thinking of how/when we can bring the series to new audiences. We’re starting by bringing BIT.TRIP BEAT to the PC, Mac, and the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. After that, we’ll see.

What direction do you see yourself and your company going after the Bit.Trip series? What type of game would you like to make next?

We’re going to do something totally different. One thing we’re eager to show the world is that our studio isn’t just a one-trick-pony. We can do much more than retro-arcadey rhythm/music games. I think what we’re planning next will really surprise people.

What made you choose WiiWare as a platform for the Bit.Trip games? Will you continue your support for the WiiWare platform further down the line?

The thing that made us go with WiiWare was the control scheme that we used for BIT.TRIP BEAT. I’m a huge fan of paddle-based games, and without total analog control, they always kind of suck. So, tight controls was a must for us. And that determined our platform. We’re definitely going to finish out the series on WiiWare, but whether we remain Nintendo-exclusive moving forward, we haven’t yet decided.

What other platforms would you perhaps be interested in?

All of them.

You can look forward to Bit.Trip Fate this fall on WiiWare!

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  1. Good job. 🙂

    September 16, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    • Thanks! I’ll work on more features/interviews! 😛

      September 17, 2010 at 1:18 pm

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  3. valentine

    I need some editors/authors too for my site
    Or we can collaborate..what do you say?

    September 24, 2010 at 7:04 pm

  4. Danny

    Please Please remain Wii Exclusive.

    October 7, 2010 at 2:43 am

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