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FAST Racing League Interview with Shin’en

Could you briefly explain what kind of game FAST Racing League is?

FAST R. L. is futuristic single- and multiplayer racing game. It features very fresh gameplay, as never seen before in a racer.

Could you reveal a little bit more of the gameplay? Is it pure racing or will the game integrate any other gameplay features like a combat/weapon system for example? Switching the phase…?

It’s all about ‘switching the phase’! Your racing machine can switch between a positive and negative phase. If you can match your phase with the phase of certain features on the track you get benefits like the ability to drive on the ceiling, make giant jumps or large boost power. Your phase switches are limited and you need to refresh them by collecting phase pods on the track. You can also use your collected phase pods as an instant boost. All in all there are many strategies how to win a race.

How many racers are on-track during races?

The maximum is eight racers. Four of them can be controlled via splitscreen.

Is the control/animation floaty like Wipeout, or more snappy and instant like F-Zero?

The controls are simply spot on. As we also allow motion controls we have a very fine degree of controls. All in all we think FAST has a near perfect control system. We support the Wii Wheel, the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk and the Classic Controller.

Any word on online? There are challenges but will the game have a campaign/cup mode?

There are three leagues to master plus the 24 challenges. This will keep players busy for quite some time. There are also tons of unlockables. As we also wanted to give FAST a very(!) affordable price and that forced local multiplayer only.

In-game photo modes are always fun; is that something the game could feature?

We thought about it, but due to certain restrictions we can’t offer that. However, there may be something similiar to play with.

How big is the team working on FAST? Does having a small team in Shin’en create problems in development? You guys must be pretty proud making such amazing looking games with very few people.

Shin’en is five people and so is the FAST team, but we don’t consider that a small team. We made classic games like Iridion 3D with a core of just 2 people. For ourselfs we recognized a paradoxon with team size. If you raise the team size you don’t decrease automatically the development time nor increase the quality easily. Adding more people means always having less focus and less responsibility. For us it’s more important that everyone is just excellent in what he does. And it’s also very motivating to be part of everything, from the Code to the graphics, from the sound to the physics.

Do you feel any pressure trying to reach the standards of the futuristic racing genre? The genre can be quite brutal. Will that be the case here?

FAST plays very different to any other racer and that makes it unique. So although it’s in the same genre we are playing in our own league. And i think our league is pretty much fun.

Track design is very important especially for this sub-genre. How crazy do the tracks get?

The tracks are very challenging. Thanks to the ‘Phase Switch’ technique and the tight controls we had a lot of possibilities in track design. We took care about interesting tracks but also interesting obstacles. We tried to gave every track enough unique events to make it stand out. Especially the 24 ‘challenges’ will amaze you with sassy sections.

What are Shin’en’s plans for the future? Any comments on WiiWare, DS, the 3DS, or any other platforms?

Very soon we will reveal our future plans. We will also have some very good news for our existing WiiWare titles.

Finally is there anything you’d really like to brag about this game?

No bragging needed, just wait for the first video of FAST and you will be a believer. 🙂

3 responses

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  2. As gamer and F-Zero fan, you should really re consider adding online racing to this game. I can only speak for my self that I would pay up to $20 for a wiiware futuristic racer with wii motion controls. I have been boycotting raceing games that dont offer online as a cinsumer, but I have a strong interest in buying this game, online would make it an absolute buy.

    October 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm

  3. psilas

    Agree with DFoster.

    Online seems to be an important omission and should REALLY be included.

    After buying and loving Jett Rocket I will grab this too, only I imagine the game losing up to 40% potential sales through lack of online play.

    Come on guys, no online means less sales.

    December 22, 2010 at 11:18 am

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