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Press Release: Meet your FATE today!

Hello World!

Yes, that’s right, now you too can meet your own fate.  Why wait any longer?  Why worry about what fate has in store for you?

I can tell you right now; a rain of bullets, maniacal robotic horrors, and fleeting friends!

That’s right!  I’m talkin’ about BIT.TRIP FATE!  A harsh mistress to be sure, but oh so pretty.  And a cheap date at only 800 Wii Points!

Fans of the series had this to say:

“manly tears were shed”

“FATE’s main ingredient is awesome sauce”

“At first I hated the orange beats, and then I met the pink beats”

Oh, and if you like the subdued dubstep vibes we’re rockin’ in BIT.TRIP FATE, don’t forget to pick up the soundtrack at CD Baby, iTunes, or Amazon.

BIT.TRIP FATE fun facts:

Minusbaby is the chipmusician superstar gueststar special guest setting the tone for chapter 5 in the series!

One good turn deserves another, and as such you can expect indie cameos from Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube to round out the power-up experience!

Six levels = six boss battles = six times the awesomeness and two times the normal number of BIT.TRIP levels, which in turn = more value!

The epic story is beginning to be revealed and amazingly perceptive gamers are catching on on a global scale…  Don’t be left out!

There are Orange beats!  Pink beats!  Horrible, horrible PURPLE BEATS!  (oh, and floating eyeballs and a belching skull)!

Head over to your neighborhood Wii Shop Channel and start your very own Download Dance*!

Sometimes a really good video game is just AWESOME.

Yours with hugs and kisses (and eagerly awaiting Tron Legacy’s release),

Alex Neuse, Regular Human.

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