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BIT.TRIP BEAT is coming to the PC/OSX via Steam TOMORROW!

BIT.TRIP BEAT is finally coming to your personal computer!  Now, that’s not just your PC, mind you.  It’s also coming to the Mac!

Say WHAT!?

That’s right, the critically adored BIT.TRIP game that started the whole rhythm-pong chiptune-inspired retro-romp mania will be available via Steam tomorrow morning, November 2nd 2010 at 9AM PST.
The price?  A cool $8.99 (£6.29 & €7,19) until November 9th at 10AM PST!  That’s 10% off the full price of $9.99 for one whole week!  Get it while the gettin’s good!

Now, I’m sure some of you are asking “Why is this THREE WHOLE DOLLARS MORE than the original version!?”

Well, that’s simple.  We made some crazy new features that are sure to boggle your mind!  They include:

  • Online Leaderboards!

All of you BIT.TRIP nerds who have mastered the original should feel good about totally dominating the Steam Leaderboards!

  • Achievements!

Build cred by unlocking awesome achievements that add to your overall world-awesomeness!

  • Social Network Integration!

Bragging rights now extend to all the people you aren’t really friends with in the real world, but totally can’t live without in Facebook/Twitter!

  • Easy Mode!

For those of you who just like to get in the zone and ride a vibe, you can chill out in the way less intense Easy Mode!

  • HD Presentation!

Squares have NEVER looked this good!

  • Alternate Control Schemes!

Play with a gamepad!  Play with a mouse!  Keyboard?  Sure!  The Sixense TrueMotion Controller (coming soon)?  Definitely.
If that’s not enough to convince you, check out these fabulous quotes from the press about the game:

“The game is a must play” -Destructoid – 9.0
“I couldn’t stop playing” -Play Magazine – 9.0
“BIT.TRIP BEAT is one of the best WiiWare titles available”  -NintendoWorldReport – 9.0

With an overall metacritic rating of 80, it would be just plain SILLY not to pick this puppy up.  I mean, let’s face it.  Sometimes a really good video game is just AWESOME.

And if you’re new to BIT.TRIP BEAT, check out the old boring feature list:
Classic Paddle-Game Gameplay set to a Rockin’ Chiptune-Inspired Soundtrack!
Crazy Boss Battles!
Special Chiptune Guest Star, Bit Shifter!
Intriguing Cutscenes!
Support a pioneering independent developer and give BIT.TRIP BEAT for the PC/Mac a whirl!  You won’t regret it.

For more information about the BIT.TRIP series, visit The Official BIT.TRIP website, our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter.  For information about Gaijin Games, visit our company website and/or follow us on Twitter.

Yours in Gaming,
Alex Neuse

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