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Chapter by Chapter – Ghost Trick

Another new feature of the site!  Unlike other features that I’ve experimented with this one is more easy to follow through with.  Basically these will be the first impressions a game gave me through each chapter or level of a game.

In this page we’ll look at Ghost Trick for the DS.  To those who have played the game you know how fun it is to guess the plot twists but for those who haven’t played or completed the game be warned I spoil the entire game.

Chapter 1

  • Timed gameplay. I was never a fan of that but I usually get over it.
  • Temsik, sure.
  • Oh it’s nice to know that timing is important.
  • Music and timer makes the game feel intense.
  • I bet Ray is the main character from the future some sort of twist like that, yeah.

Chapter 2

  • Sissel…
  • Apparently I am stuck. That’s a good thing, right? Was there a point to that painting?
  • Okay I’m getting the Missile love. His cute design was what I thought everyone loved about him but his lines and delivery are awesome.

Chapter 3

  • Hmm are there things to do besides the main plot?  As in multiple paths?
  • I guess not…

Chapter 4

  • Awesome light puzzle.  Took a while to figure out what I was doing but when it clicked it was totally cool.

Chapter 5

  • So you remember when you die?
  • These are definitely sprites.
  • Haha I thought that arrow was going to kill her but no, it was one of those intricate machine things the name of which escapes me at the moment.
  • What a stupid death that was though.
  • Ah Rube Goldberg machine, yeah that’s the name.
  • Fate Change! You’re not burned by steam! What an achievement.

Chapter 6

  • Either Sessil is the villain (which I’ve kind of expected from the beginning) or Lynne missed and someone else shot him.

Chapter 7

  • Temsik Park! :O That random park from before!
  • I wanted to save the driver first anyway. It was so obvious that you could have saved her by saving him. >:[
  • Haha I totally reclined the seat.

Chapter 8

  • Awesome.

Chapter 9

  • Oh God, an escort mission.
  • The security guard in a cycle of constantly falling down is hilarious.
  • I love how much they change up the gameplay despite barely changing the main mechanics.

Chapter 10

  • Wait, what? You can bring living people with you to the past?  What the hell is happening in the current present right now?
  • What a horrible way to go out,  dying due to a panic attack and just struggling to stop death.  Honestly this is the most gruesome death so far.

Chapter 11

  • Come on really? What a horrible twist. “Happy birthday mom! Time to die!”
  • What the hell was a gun doing in that painting anyway?

Chapter 12

  • Fine, fine. It’s an antique. But man that Cupid thing was mindblowing. The whole excuse was so out there that I didn’t even notice the cupid move out on its own.
  • The killer was obviously Missile. His loyalty got out of hand. Being the dog he is, he found a way to go back all the way into the past 10 years ago. If Kamila never killed her mother the two would have never crossed paths. Missile knew this. /joke

Chapter 13

  • It must be the end (what with the number 13).
  • The mom’s a total bee.
  • Poor rat.
  • So yeah Sessil’s the one who’s “manipulating” everyone.

Chapter 14

  • Woah I’ve never seen a DS game freeze like that. Just closed the umbrella and bam! Time to restart the game. Oh damn black screen.
  • Well damn, I reset my DSi again and now the cartridge can’t be read.
  • Let’s try turning it off and going from the chapter select this time.  Okay good.
  • Ooh intriguing. More powerful ghost tricks.
  • Yeaaaaah, Missile!!!! But you died. 😦
  • Oooh okay. I was going to make a joke about Missile killing himself (after banging his head so many times in the door) to get powers but I guess that joke won’t work. Eff yeah Missile. Much better powers.
  • This game definitely needed some powerups at some point so it’s good Missile came along.
  • See I knew Sessil would somehow end up the bad guy. The rock (which gives you powers *ugh*) was embedded in Sessil’s body and bam when he died he got powers. Just like Missile got powers dying next to that rock. His powers were better than Sessil’s most likely due to how much rock he was next to when he died.
  • Hah I was right. Pssshhh

Chapter 15

  • Wat. Sissel’s body!?!?!
  • I always knew the night was always darkest before dawn… Batman taught me that.
  • That special something is the rock, man.

Chapter 16

  • The transmitter was a mini-dragon ball. Cabanela gave Jowd a dragon radar.
  • Jeez that fragment was huge I can definitely understand dying from that. :S

Chapter 17

  • One of them is the spirit of that stupid rock, I guess it’s Sessil since other Sessil is well… him.
  • So I was wrong about amount of radiation but hey I was close.

Chapter 18 – Final Chapter

FFS I was thinking Sessil was the cat but that would be stupid…

  • The fate changes are always so silly.
  • And thus the cat was the main character. :/
  • Hahaha Ray was Missile. Such a drastic personality growth and he looks hilarious all shaggy.
  • So what happened to Jowd’s fragment?
  • What a strange dinner. Two whole chickens and a plate of spaghetti.
  • So yeah those were totally sprites. They repeat way too often to not be sprites.

So that’s it.  I think instead of writing notes during gameplay I’ll write them after I complete it.  That way I don’t interrupt my gameplay to go take notes and these articles are more fleshed out instead of looking like a bunch of Cliffs Notes.  A review should be up by tomorrow at the latest.

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