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Halo Reach Screen Shots

As of an hour ago Bungie just released some screen shots of Halo Reach, the much anticipated sequel to the first person shooter Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.  They released 27 new screen shots and a couple new pieces of concept art.

Having played both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST the first thing I notice is the graphical improvements.  Hopefully frame rates wont be sacrificed with the improvements.  They seem to be showing a whole different side of Halo, complete with lush forests and mountains.  I can’t wait to try it out, perhaps at E3.


Deal of the Day – 99 Cent Domain Names

I know normally this blog is a pure gaming blog.  But being in the Information Technology Industry I regularly check for deals involving the latest computer software/gadgets and so on.  I landed a deal I couldn’t pass up.  Go Daddy is having a sale on domain names for 99 cents!  For any of you game bloggers and future website developers I suggest you head over there and take a look.  Oh and be sure to direct your audiences to Leaky Battery.  I scored www.LeakyBattery.com check it out.


Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer is Utterly Amazing

Just when you thought there couldn’t be even more hype for the new and upcoming Mass Effect 2 releasing January 26, 2010.  Its quickly becoming one of my most anticipated game of 2010, second to Final Fantasy 13.

Bioware is a company notorious for releasing fantastic “off the wall” rpgs and this is no exception.  For those that did play through Mass Effect 1 you’re definately in for a treat.  Go ahead and sample that trailer you know you want to.  In my opinion it seems like more of a movie than a trailer but it doesn’t have me complaining.

BioShock 2 Video Interview From IGN

Hey fellow bloggers at Battery Acid.  As you may know the much anticipated BioShock 2 is fast approaching its release date.  With that said its my job to provide you guys with the latest and greatest.  Heres an interview from IGN with the developers from BioShock 2.  See you in the Rapture.

Modern Warfare 2 360 owners get it first

Microsoft has finally released word on the exclusive release date for Xbox 360 owners to receive the new Downloadable Content for Modern Warfare 2.

“We have a 30-day timed exclusive on the Modern Warfare content packs,” a spokesperson told Eurogamer. “So it will be available on other platforms, but you get to try and play on Xbox 360 first.”

“The exclusivity deal was first announced at E3 last year. Back then John Schappert said it covered the first two map packs for Mod War 2.”

We anticipate this release to be during Spring of 2010.  Tune in for updates and see you in the battlefield then.

Map Pack Galore!

Hey fellow gamers and fans of Halo 3 expect to have plenty of late nighters next month.  It looks like obsessive gamers will be jumping for joy this Feburary and not because of Valentines day.  Do you remember how aggrevated you were when you found out that you needed to purchase Halo 3: ODST for their 3 new maps?  Well they’re finally going up for sale on Xbox Live next month as the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack 2.

When ODST was initially released there was plenty of hype and one of the biggest reasons of purchase wasn’t for the campaign, or so people say.  Though I am one of those people that are guilty of renting Halo 3: ODST, playing through the campaign and ignoring the map pack all together.

Well February 2nd all Xbox Live gamers get a chance to purchase the 3 formerly exclusive maps, Citadel, Longshore, and Heretic for 800 Microsoft points.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to enjoy these new maps as well, Modern Warfare 2’s map pack wont be released till Spring 2010.   I’m ready to take my Scar-H down the battlefield.