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3 Things The Conduit’s Online is Lacking

The Conduit is, in my opinion, a good game and worthy purchase.  The graphics and controls are top notch, and the single-player is worth a run through,  but a few things hold it back from having that truly addicting online experience.

If only The Conduit's online was as addicting...


Fat Princess Review

Animal Crossing + Capture the Flag + Fat Chicks = Fun!


New Writer

I wanted to introduce myself as a new writer here on Battery Acid.  Previously I was the Admin at The Conduit Information Center,  but now I will be solely writing for BA.  You will most likely see me around here posting about games, as well as possibly doing some reviews and interviews.

With me comes this sites very own forums.  You can start posting by clicking the link below to hop to the forum page.  In the future you can navigate to the forums via the link on the side bar.

Visit the Forums!