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FAST Racing League Interview with Shin’en


Interview with CEO of Gaijin Games; discusses Bit.Trip Fate, Gaijin Games’ future after Bit.Trip, and more!

Bit.Trip Fate!
I recently got the opportunity to interview the CEO of Gaijin Games, Alex Neuse. Gaijin Games is the studio responsible for the popular Bit.Trip series on WiiWare, and the upcoming “Bit.Trip Fate”. We get into many subjects, including the Bit.Trip series making its way onto other platforms, Bit.Trip Fate, the final Bit.Trip game, Gaijin Game’s next game after the Bit.Trip Series, and more!


Interview with Brian Provinciano

Check out a new interview with Brian Provinciano about his new upcoming game, Retro City Rampage.  A game littered with nostalgia and references.


An Interview about Seasons…

Check out my interview with Swing Swing Submarine’s William David about their work-in-progress game, Seasons, currently scheduled to be released for the PC and console digital distribution services.


BioShock 2 Video Interview From IGN

Hey fellow bloggers at Battery Acid.  As you may know the much anticipated BioShock 2 is fast approaching its release date.  With that said its my job to provide you guys with the latest and greatest.  Heres an interview from IGN with the developers from BioShock 2.  See you in the Rapture.

The Flash Video Game – Interview

Through an inside source, Battery Acid was able to get some new details about the recently canceled video game adaption of the DC Comics character, The Flash.  Read up to see what details we could dig up for you.


Bit.Trip CORE – News

Click the image to check out a trailer for the game.

Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog with relevant game news.  Blame it on the return from a summer break.  I’ve been too busy to do much.  Sorry.  Anyway Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games’ was cool enough to answer some quick answers related to the developer’s next title, Bit.Trip VOID.