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Interview with Brian Provinciano

Check out a new interview with Brian Provinciano about his new upcoming game, Retro City Rampage.  A game littered with nostalgia and references.



Swords and Soldiers announced for PC

Isn’t that just great?  Ronimo Games has just announced their award winning Wiiware game, Swords & Soldiers will not only be coming for PSN but also PC and Mac!  Now you have no excuse to not play the game.  Check out the press release below and some awesome new PC screens and stay tuned for some information on the awesome matchmaking system this game is going to get.  And did we mention this game will have Achievements?


New Bit.Trip teaser image

That’s right folks.  It’s time to see what the new Bit.Trip FATE looks like.  The fifth installment in this awesome rhythm series the ever evolving gameplay and visual style has to get you interested.

What does it mean?

Conduit 2 to feature vehicles in campaign


Editorial: “Why We Love It!” – The Legend of Zelda series

E3’s coming up and there’s a reason why most of us are so hyped.  In the end video games make us happy, they give us something positive to our lives, whatever that may be.  So let’s stop being the fussy gamers we are, complaining and fighting, and see what happiness games can bring us.


I know I’m buying it!!!!


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