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Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer is Utterly Amazing

Just when you thought there couldn’t be even more hype for the new and upcoming Mass Effect 2 releasing January 26, 2010.  Its quickly becoming one of my most anticipated game of 2010, second to Final Fantasy 13.

Bioware is a company notorious for releasing fantastic “off the wall” rpgs and this is no exception.  For those that did play through Mass Effect 1 you’re definately in for a treat.  Go ahead and sample that trailer you know you want to.  In my opinion it seems like more of a movie than a trailer but it doesn’t have me complaining.


BioShock 2 Video Interview From IGN

Hey fellow bloggers at Battery Acid.  As you may know the much anticipated BioShock 2 is fast approaching its release date.  With that said its my job to provide you guys with the latest and greatest.  Heres an interview from IGN with the developers from BioShock 2.  See you in the Rapture.

Exclusive: Audio, Video: Disco Preview

To continue on with our AVD coverage is an exclusive preview for the game.  I don’t want to reveal too much stuff so I’ll try to keep it short.


Super Smash Bros. NES demo

So finally we have a chance to play and customize our own levels and characters.  The game is bsaically the same game (with my horribly written collectible cards intact) with the addition of both a level creator/editor and the ability to play with custom characters.


An awesome flash animation

Gravity’s Just a Theory 2

I mean I’ve seen better artsy and more stylized and professional flash creations but there’s always something these random fun for the sake of fun that always gets to me.

It doesn’t make me say “Wow what’s the meaning of this?” or “What an interesting plot.”  It’s just random but not stupid random.
I don’t know maybe I’m just interpreting this thing all wrong.


Rhythm Heaven: Demo Impressions

So I went on the Nintendo Channel to try out Rhythm Heaven out…