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de Blob 2 mentioned in Chuck

In the latest episode (4×12), Chuck vs the Gobbler,  we see a pretty Blob make an appearance.


Expect some spooky stuff to come out sooooooon….

Let’s just say I got out of my gaming funk…

Comic Jumper is almost here!

And to get excited here’s a quick promo for the game!!!

Bit.Trip FATE fanart

I haven’t done this in a while.  The last one I made was for Core, skipping both Void and Runner.  I had to make up for this and I here it is.

“Embracing Fate”


E3 surprise

No I don’t have anything exclusive.  I’m not that important.  But I’m launching a new feature for the site and E3 season is perfect for it.

I just want to say ahead of time the end result is not like I planned.  I waited too long to get responses from people who probably would have never gotten back to me and I just sat there not wanting to clearly formulate what I had.  Then I contacted people too busy now with E3 to help me out.  I’m thankful for those who have given me responses hopefully you’ll help me start something wonderful.  Too bad I couldn’t contact Robin Williams…

It should be online in an hour or two.

Ronimo Games (doesn’t) comment on the rumors

As some of you may have heard there have been rumors going around that Swords and Soldiers may soon be going to other DD platforms.  Seeing as I’ve spoken with Joost van Dongen of Ronimo Games before I thought I could use this opportunity to find out the truth!


Monster Hunter tri demo now being shipped

Just in time for Spring Break the demo disc for Monster Hunter tri has finally started shipping.  I just got mine today!

Just for fun and because I have nothing better to do at the moment let’s chronicle what’s happened so far with the demo.