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de Blob 2 mentioned in Chuck

In the latest episode (4×12), Chuck vs the Gobbler,  we see a pretty Blob make an appearance.


Expect some spooky stuff to come out sooooooon….

Let’s just say I got out of my gaming funk…

Comic Jumper is almost here!

And to get excited here’s a quick promo for the game!!!

Bit.Trip FATE fanart

I haven’t done this in a while.  The last one I made was for Core, skipping both Void and Runner.  I had to make up for this and I here it is.

“Embracing Fate”


E3 surprise

No I don’t have anything exclusive.  I’m not that important.  But I’m launching a new feature for the site and E3 season is perfect for it.

I just want to say ahead of time the end result is not like I planned.  I waited too long to get responses from people who probably would have never gotten back to me and I just sat there not wanting to clearly formulate what I had.  Then I contacted people too busy now with E3 to help me out.  I’m thankful for those who have given me responses hopefully you’ll help me start something wonderful.  Too bad I couldn’t contact Robin Williams…

It should be online in an hour or two.

Ronimo Games (doesn’t) comment on the rumors

As some of you may have heard there have been rumors going around that Swords and Soldiers may soon be going to other DD platforms.  Seeing as I’ve spoken with Joost van Dongen of Ronimo Games before I thought I could use this opportunity to find out the truth!


Monster Hunter tri demo now being shipped

Just in time for Spring Break the demo disc for Monster Hunter tri has finally started shipping.  I just got mine today!

Just for fun and because I have nothing better to do at the moment let’s chronicle what’s happened so far with the demo.


Baka to Test to Shokanjuu features some Nintendo cameos/references

So yeah originally I decided not to really mention this since I was a bit lazy but thanks to the fact that I now know that the Power Glove appears on the show I’d thought I might as well post it.  So yeah this new anime, Baka to Test to Shokanjuu, seems to make reference to Nintendo more than once.


Hotel Dusk survey on Club Nintendo

A week ago I found a copy of Hotel Dusk that was on the clearance rack and marked down twice.  I knew I had to jump on the occasion so I decided to get it.  Anyway a week after registering Nintendo products on Club Nintendo you get the chance to fill in a post-play survey.


Summer Wars and the DS

Yeah so through the suggestion of a friend I decided to check out the movie Summer Wars.  I’m not going to go into the whole thing about it being similar to a popular anime movie that most people might know about but I do want to say I found the the movie very fun and visually exciting.


Deal of the Day – 99 Cent Domain Names

I know normally this blog is a pure gaming blog.  But being in the Information Technology Industry I regularly check for deals involving the latest computer software/gadgets and so on.  I landed a deal I couldn’t pass up.  Go Daddy is having a sale on domain names for 99 cents!  For any of you game bloggers and future website developers I suggest you head over there and take a look.  Oh and be sure to direct your audiences to Leaky Battery.  I scored www.LeakyBattery.com check it out.


XSEED delves into the multiplayer of Sky Crawlers


Co-op Mega Man? That sounds familiar…

As some of you may know Mega Man 10 has recently been announced for WiiWare with the added twist of being co-op.  When I heard this news I remembered how bad of a player I was for not completing Mega Man 9 but I soon remembered that the rumor of a two player Mega Man sounded eerily familiar.


‘Splosion Man Avatar Gallery

Didn’t want to make the post too cluttered.  Here are your images (click each thumb for a larger size):


Wish Edmund McMillen the best of health

Yeah I’m a little late but Edmund McMillen had just had to deal with surgery and a lack of insurance.  Some of you may know Edmund McMillen from his many PC games as well as the upcoming WiiWare/PC game Super Meat Boy.

I wish I could have wished him the best before and during the surgery but alas I did not know about the situation until now.  Apparently he’s at his home now and will soon get back to work.  I hope you guys try and keep Edmund in your mind and blessings.

You can go to the official Twitter of Super Meat Boy where you can follow the development team’s well… development but more importantly learn how you can help Edmund if you can.

Working on my T-Shirt design for No More Heroes: DS

This is one I really really liked but I decided not to submit it.  So I guess I’ll just use it as fanart for the game/series.  That is unless people really like it.  Do you guys like this one?

Randall Lovikov

Randall Lovikov


Exploring the Void: Part 3!!!

That site sure does update a lot.  Anyway the site has once again updated.

I can assume the first shot we saw in the site was a zoomed in view of a satellite dish and as we’ve advanced we zoomed out more.  I wonder if we’ll continue zooming out.

If you want to Explore the Void yourself.  Go visit the site here.

Exploring the Void!

It seems another image has popped up.  What can this possibly be?

Check out the official site to this mystery title here.

What’s your Gamer class?

I just found this through GoNintendo.  Try it out now.  It accurately “analyzed” me.  It’s a really simple test that only takes about a few minutes asking basically about your gaming preferences.


A ‘Splosion Man Review is coming

I’ve wanted to do this for so long.  I have the game I just need access to an Xbox 360.  Things in my life that are out of my control are inhibiting from playing the game or having a 360 at the moment so please don’t think I’m just lying.  I’m sorry for those who have expected one by now.

Bloopers: Yes Nintendo I do intend to purchase your games, but…

Im calling you out Nintendo!!!

Yes Layton, I'm stupid. You don't have to point it out though.


So I chose the Mario hat

Previously I was having trouble deciding which gift I would choose for Platinum members of the North American Club Nintendo.  I decided to get the Mario hat after so much thinking.


Name change…

I’m changing my name to Greenyz from now on.  I want something somewhat more unique.  GIAFGC stands for Guy in a floppy green cap.  Despite myself being a huge fan of the series I want my name to connected to myself rather than to a video game.  Thus I’m changing it to Greenyz, a name I usually use on the Internet outside of GIAFGC.

Oh and expect some more ‘Splosion Man stuff.  There’s a lot of media and I didn’t want all of it on one post with the PR stuff.

Nintendo again complicates things

Geez Nintendo why do you have to make the choices for Club Nintendo rewards so difficult?  I have a choice between a collectible hat or a digitally distributed fan service.