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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu features some Nintendo cameos/references

So yeah originally I decided not to really mention this since I was a bit lazy but thanks to the fact that I now know that the Power Glove appears on the show I’d thought I might as well post it.  So yeah this new anime, Baka to Test to Shokanjuu, seems to make reference to Nintendo more than once.


Hotel Dusk survey on Club Nintendo

A week ago I found a copy of Hotel Dusk that was on the clearance rack and marked down twice.  I knew I had to jump on the occasion so I decided to get it.  Anyway a week after registering Nintendo products on Club Nintendo you get the chance to fill in a post-play survey.


Summer Wars and the DS

Yeah so through the suggestion of a friend I decided to check out the movie Summer Wars.  I’m not going to go into the whole thing about it being similar to a popular anime movie that most people might know about but I do want to say I found the the movie very fun and visually exciting.


Deal of the Day – 99 Cent Domain Names

I know normally this blog is a pure gaming blog.  But being in the Information Technology Industry I regularly check for deals involving the latest computer software/gadgets and so on.  I landed a deal I couldn’t pass up.  Go Daddy is having a sale on domain names for 99 cents!  For any of you game bloggers and future website developers I suggest you head over there and take a look.  Oh and be sure to direct your audiences to Leaky Battery.  I scored www.LeakyBattery.com check it out.


XSEED delves into the multiplayer of Sky Crawlers


Co-op Mega Man? That sounds familiar…

As some of you may know Mega Man 10 has recently been announced for WiiWare with the added twist of being co-op.  When I heard this news I remembered how bad of a player I was for not completing Mega Man 9 but I soon remembered that the rumor of a two player Mega Man sounded eerily familiar.


‘Splosion Man Avatar Gallery

Didn’t want to make the post too cluttered.  Here are your images (click each thumb for a larger size):