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Big Week for Swords & Soldiers!

Big Week for Swords & Soldiers!

Swords & Soldiers lands on PC & Mac, gets Move support & new demo on PS3

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – December 1, 2010 This week the armies of Swords & Soldiers bring their tactical action gameplay to different shores yet again! After duking it out on the pearly white beaches of the WiiWare service the brutal Vikings, the vicious Aztecs and the devious Chinese arrived last month at the pitch black moutains of the awe-inpsiring PlayStation®3 system. Infusing the game with a new innovative online mode and eye-poking HD & 3D graphics the PS3 version exposed console gamers to the glory of cartoon warfare in a way never before seen on this planet. And now the Swords & Axes have been sharpened to do it all over again: Swords & Soldiers has arrived on PC & Mac! So now the everlasting wars are no longer contained to the living room. Featuring the same 30 level single player campaign, customisable skirmishes, 3 highscore bonus games and Steam powered online functionality, the PC version has every bit of brawn as the PS3 version. So support us by buying it from our store (http://ronimo-games.com/SwordsAndSoldiers/html/store.html) or get it from Steam! Both routes will get you the Steam enabled version which can then be installed on Windows as well as OSX.

Swords and Soldiers to support 3D

If HD gaming wasn’t enough for you well then get ready to experience Ronimo Games’ award winning game, Swords & Soldiers, in eye popping 3D on your TV.  That’s right  folks, the PS3 version will support 3D.  In order to simulate this, Ronimo Games has released a number of different screenshots that simulate the 3D effect (glasses needed).  Click the thumbnail for a larger image.


Vehicle rumor debunked(?)

Just a quick update.  I was correct to have doubted such a rumor but many signs point to Conduit 2 not having vehicles.  I contacted David Pellas where he had no idea of any official Conduit 2 Facebook page and Tony Mecca as well seems to be skeptical of the legitimacy of the page.

Now David Pellas has said he’ll look into it and get back to me if he can.  Hopefully this is straightened out but it’s most likely it’s false.

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The Melting Pot – March 2010 – Twisted Pixel Part 1

Art Director, Dave LeungTwisted Pixel Games


Halo Reach Screen Shots

As of an hour ago Bungie just released some screen shots of Halo Reach, the much anticipated sequel to the first person shooter Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.  They released 27 new screen shots and a couple new pieces of concept art.

Having played both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST the first thing I notice is the graphical improvements.  Hopefully frame rates wont be sacrificed with the improvements.  They seem to be showing a whole different side of Halo, complete with lush forests and mountains.  I can’t wait to try it out, perhaps at E3.


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