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In order of most recent

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (DS)

Dead Space (iPhone)

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Swords and Soldiers (PC)

Swords and Soldiers (PS3)

About our reviews:

Francis Basco (Greenyz): In this age of hype, only the best seem to get noticed.  Obviously a AAA game will get the praise it deserves, but the smaller titles that don’t always get noticed need to be given the spotlight to show they’re great too.  Priority should be on quality, value, and fun factor.

Dustin Grissom (BigGumby): In the end, a game is about how much fun you had with the game, so if a game was really fun but didn’t have amazing graphics, I’m still going to give it a good score (But of course I’ll have the separate score for graphics, if that is what you really care about).  This isn’t to say graphics and presentation aren’t a big part of games, because it is, it’s just not the  central point in a game.  Once graphics or technical problems effect the fun I am having with a game, that’s when I’ll start subtracting points from the score (or adding points, if it effects it positively).  Like Francis said, priority should be on quality, value, and fun factor.

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