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Hotel Dusk survey on Club Nintendo

A week ago I found a copy of Hotel Dusk that was on the clearance rack and marked down twice.  I knew I had to jump on the occasion so I decided to get it.  Anyway a week after registering Nintendo products on Club Nintendo you get the chance to fill in a post-play survey.


Bloopers: Yes Nintendo I do intend to purchase your games, but…

Im calling you out Nintendo!!!

Yes Layton, I'm stupid. You don't have to point it out though.


So I chose the Mario hat

Previously I was having trouble deciding which gift I would choose for Platinum members of the North American Club Nintendo.  I decided to get the Mario hat after so much thinking.


Nintendo again complicates things

Geez Nintendo why do you have to make the choices for Club Nintendo rewards so difficult?  I have a choice between a collectible hat or a digitally distributed fan service.