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Bit.Trip CORE is Out!!!

I don’t know what people are saying.  The game is as great as the original.  While it may not use any Wii specific controls you shouldn’t be complaining or else you’re just missing the whole point.


Some Bit. Trip CORE art

This was a pain to make but it was totally worth it!


Wow Bit.Trip CORE looks crazy!

I never post up info unless it’s related to the site or its content from me but dude after seeing this trailer I’m really hyped for the game!  My gosh that looks crazy!

First Bit. Trip Core Interview

We’re amazingly lucky to be the first site ever to have an interview about the upcoming WiiWare title, Bit.Trip CORE.  I got the chance to talk with Alex Neuse, videogame industry veteran and founder of Gaijin Games, the developers of the Bit.Trip series.