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Gaijin Games talks about Ubisoft’s new distribution decision

So Ubisoft’s decision to stop printing manuals for games has been somewhat of a hot topic recently.  I had to ask Alex Neuse about how he felt about this move since Gaijin Games has similar goals to be as “green” as possible.


Behind-the-scenes | Metroid: Other M

Once in a while Battery Acid gets some pretty juicy stuff to report about and today I have something awesome to show you guys!  For a while now I’ve known some small bits of info related to the upcoming Nintendo game, Metroid: Other M.  I’ve been talking with an insider for some time about what’s up with the development.

I’m not saying I know much about the game though.  In reality I’m about as clueless as those outside of the major media that attended the recent Media Summit.  What I do know though is that at least the cutscenes have changed from what we’ve seen from the E3 trailer, according to my inside source.

I don’t have much media to show you at the moment but let’s take a look at what presents I have today!


I made a small animation gif for A Boy and His Blob

I just had to.  That animation is just too great not to do.  If anyone doesn’t know this is from the Wii game, A Boy and His Blob, by WayForward Technologies.  It’s a sort of re-imagining of the NES original.  The guys sure did add a load of emotion and personality to the game and I love it!  Oh and I “ripped” the animation from here.  It’s not the exact frame for frame animation though.

It seems Alex is liking A Boy and His Blob!

Some Bit. Trip CORE art

This was a pain to make but it was totally worth it!


An interview with Twisted Pixel!

I finally was able to reach a developer ready to have an interview that does something other than WiiWare.  Finally.  I never wanted to specialize in WiiWare but I’ve found WiiWare developers to be easier to contact and interview.  Anyway here’s an interview with Twisted Pixel Games’, Jay Stuckwisch about their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, ‘Splosion Man!  It’s a bit short because these guys are really busy with the game and I didn’t want to take up too much of their time.


Super Meat Boy Exclusive

I promised more Super Meat Boy coverage so here it is.  Hit the jump to see what it is!


An interview with the designers of Super Meat Boy

Another interview!  More Wiiware.  This time we get some answers from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes about their upcoming Wiiware game, Super Meat Boy.  This time I didn’t have to wait a bunch of months to release it.