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The IGF Award-Nominated WiiWare game BIT.TRIP RUNNER will be available for PC/OSX via the Steam service tomorrow!


Press Release: Gaijin Games Acquires Independent Game Studio, Robotube Games

In an act of total dominance, Gaijin Games acquired Robotube Games today.


Robotube Games is an independent game development studio specializing in the development of web-based puzzle games as well as short-form video game documentary filmmaking.


Bit. Trip BEAT is now available on the Mac App Store!

BIT.TRIP BEAT makes an appearance on the Mac App Store today!  And guess what?  It’s lookin’ good!

The indie game phenomenon that is BIT.TRIP is making its way from platform to platform, and in its most recent step towards world domination, has landed directly on the super-sweet Mac App Store!

Press Release: The Official BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer is out!

Since CommanderVideo’s final journey is just around the corner, we’ve released the Official BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer today! BIT.TRIP FLUX will be available soon for the Nintendo WiiWare service.

The BIT.TRIP series comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX: CommanderVideo’s final adventure.


BIT.TRIP BEAT is coming to the PC/OSX via Steam TOMORROW!

BIT.TRIP BEAT is finally coming to your personal computer!  Now, that’s not just your PC, mind you.  It’s also coming to the Mac!

Say WHAT!?

That’s right, the critically adored BIT.TRIP game that started the whole rhythm-pong chiptune-inspired retro-romp mania will be available via Steam tomorrow morning, November 2nd 2010 at 9AM PST.

Press Release: Meet your FATE today!

Hello World!

Yes, that’s right, now you too can meet your own fate.  Why wait any longer?  Why worry about what fate has in store for you?

I can tell you right now; a rain of bullets, maniacal robotic horrors, and fleeting friends!


Bit.Trip FATE release date revealed!!!


Interview with CEO of Gaijin Games; discusses Bit.Trip Fate, Gaijin Games’ future after Bit.Trip, and more!

Bit.Trip Fate!
I recently got the opportunity to interview the CEO of Gaijin Games, Alex Neuse. Gaijin Games is the studio responsible for the popular Bit.Trip series on WiiWare, and the upcoming “Bit.Trip Fate”. We get into many subjects, including the Bit.Trip series making its way onto other platforms, Bit.Trip Fate, the final Bit.Trip game, Gaijin Game’s next game after the Bit.Trip Series, and more!


Bit.Trip FATE fanart

I haven’t done this in a while.  The last one I made was for Core, skipping both Void and Runner.  I had to make up for this and I here it is.

“Embracing Fate”


New Bit.Trip teaser image

That’s right folks.  It’s time to see what the new Bit.Trip FATE looks like.  The fifth installment in this awesome rhythm series the ever evolving gameplay and visual style has to get you interested.

What does it mean?

I know I’m buying it!!!!


Bit.Trip RUNNER is almost here!!!


Bit.Trip Runner release date!


Gaijin Games talks about Ubisoft’s new distribution decision

So Ubisoft’s decision to stop printing manuals for games has been somewhat of a hot topic recently.  I had to ask Alex Neuse about how he felt about this move since Gaijin Games has similar goals to be as “green” as possible.


Gaijin Games on lilt line

I got some clarification about the Wii version of lilt line, originally for the iPhone, from Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games!!!


Woot new Bit.Trip RUNNER Trailer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Bit.Trip news which is a really sad thing, but I hope I can make up for that by first mentioning you can watch the new trailer for the next iteration of the series, Bit.Trip RUNNER, on their new official Youtube page!

Youtube channel here and alternate Vimeo link

The Melting Pot launch

With the launch of the New Year comes the launch of a new feature for the site, The Melting Pot.  The Melting Pot allows key people in the video game industry the chance to give their insight on issues and topics relevant to gamers and the general public.

Special thanks to Daniel Coleman of Semnat Studios for the snazzy title header and to those who have participated or will participate in this feature; adding their opinions to the collection known as The Melting Pot.


Bit.Trip CORE is Out!!!

I don’t know what people are saying.  The game is as great as the original.  While it may not use any Wii specific controls you shouldn’t be complaining or else you’re just missing the whole point.


Some Bit. Trip CORE art

This was a pain to make but it was totally worth it!


Wow Bit.Trip CORE looks crazy!

I never post up info unless it’s related to the site or its content from me but dude after seeing this trailer I’m really hyped for the game!  My gosh that looks crazy!

First Bit. Trip Core Interview

We’re amazingly lucky to be the first site ever to have an interview about the upcoming WiiWare title, Bit.Trip CORE.  I got the chance to talk with Alex Neuse, videogame industry veteran and founder of Gaijin Games, the developers of the Bit.Trip series.