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Battery Acid Community Choice Awards: Best Games of 2010

Here at Battery Acid, we value our community (join now, click HERE) and their opinions!  So, instead of an elaborate feature about Battery Acid’s staff’s games of the year, we have decided to turn to the community and get their best games of 2010. (more…)

Exploring the Void: Part 3!!!

That site sure does update a lot.  Anyway the site has once again updated.

I can assume the first shot we saw in the site was a zoomed in view of a satellite dish and as we’ve advanced we zoomed out more.  I wonder if we’ll continue zooming out.

If you want to Explore the Void yourself.  Go visit the site here.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Update

I know some of you readers here are prone to making fansites (you know who you are) and Square Enix has recently released a fankit for personal usage.  Yeah so if you’re interested go ahead and download (after you read the Terms and Conditions, obviously).


Exploring the Void!

It seems another image has popped up.  What can this possibly be?

Check out the official site to this mystery title here.

Explore the Void

What is it? Can you figure it out?

Check out what’s up on the site.  Check it regularly and maybe you’ll find out…

Interview with Alex Neuse

Okay! Our first new interview in a long while.  And we start it off with Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games as we talk about Bit. Trip Beat and the future of the series!!!