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Vehicle rumor debunked(?)

Just a quick update.  I was correct to have doubted such a rumor but many signs point to Conduit 2 not having vehicles.  I contacted David Pellas where he had no idea of any official Conduit 2 Facebook page and Tony Mecca as well seems to be skeptical of the legitimacy of the page.

Now David Pellas has said he’ll look into it and get back to me if he can.  Hopefully this is straightened out but it’s most likely it’s false.

The Grinder revelations

At GDC it was revealed that the 360 version of The Grinder, previously a Wii exclusive first person shooter, is now a top-down shooter.  I got the chance to get answers back from David Pellas about what’s up with the new version and what’s happening with the Wii version.


3 Things The Conduit’s Online is Lacking

The Conduit is, in my opinion, a good game and worthy purchase.  The graphics and controls are top notch, and the single-player is worth a run through,  but a few things hold it back from having that truly addicting online experience.

If only The Conduit's online was as addicting...


I played on the hacked map on The Conduit

No that’s not my video.  Ironically I had to deal with a hacker earlier in the day (forgot his/her username) that wouldn’t die at all despite being bombarded with direct grenades constantly by me and my teammates, but I digress.  You can check out my experience on the map if you’re really interested!


The Conduit Review/Impressions

I have a strict rule against putting a score so if that’s all you’re going to be looking for look away now.

First off I’m so glad to see how far The Conduit’s gone.  From a first person shooter exclusive with so much potential and no publisher at all, High Voltage Software aimed to give Wii owners what they wanted and what the big bad publishers wouldn’t offer.  It’s now here and I can tell you how much potential was met with this game.