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Twisted Pixel Games Interview – Post ‘Splosion Man Release

Another interview with Twisted Pixel!  This time with TWG’s CEO/Co-founder, Michael Wilford.  What I love about indie developers is that even the highest, most important people still talk to nobodies like me.  To all indie developers that have spoken with me,  stay cool guys!!!


Exclusive: First Interview with the developers of Audio, Video: Disco

Well I’ve adopted a new interview layout.  It was sort of hard to distinguish the interviewer from the interviewee with this new theme.  Hypothetically I could just change the color of the text but I don’t want to. >:|

Anyway the game definitely sounds interesting.


Here’s an interview I had

It was with another blog, The Pakistani Spectator, about blogging and such.  You can read it at their site.  It was nice not having to ask for some content and actually being the person interviewed for once.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the read.

An interview with Twisted Pixel!

I finally was able to reach a developer ready to have an interview that does something other than WiiWare.  Finally.  I never wanted to specialize in WiiWare but I’ve found WiiWare developers to be easier to contact and interview.  Anyway here’s an interview with Twisted Pixel Games’, Jay Stuckwisch about their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, ‘Splosion Man!  It’s a bit short because these guys are really busy with the game and I didn’t want to take up too much of their time.


First Bit. Trip Core Interview

We’re amazingly lucky to be the first site ever to have an interview about the upcoming WiiWare title, Bit.Trip CORE.  I got the chance to talk with Alex Neuse, videogame industry veteran and founder of Gaijin Games, the developers of the Bit.Trip series.


An interview with the designers of Super Meat Boy

Another interview!  More Wiiware.  This time we get some answers from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes about their upcoming Wiiware game, Super Meat Boy.  This time I didn’t have to wait a bunch of months to release it.


Interview with Daniel Coleman

So another Wiiware interview is here.  Battery Acid was able to get an interview Daniel Coleman of Semnat Studios to talk about thier upcoming Wiiware game Eduardo the Samurai Toaster.  Check it out if you’re interested.


Interview with Alex Neuse

Okay! Our first new interview in a long while.  And we start it off with Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games as we talk about Bit. Trip Beat and the future of the series!!!


Looking Back – An interview with Metanet Software about N+ and such

Again we have another old interview. This one was my first duel interview and well at points I don’t know who’s talking so when it says “Metanet” it means I don’t know who it is. Um yeah this one was pretty long too! I didn’t even notice how long it was until I started editing it. XD

The game’s really fun. Anyone who hasn’t tried out at least N should.

BA: Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourselves?

Metanet: We’re in our late 20s, we live in Toronto, we like candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach.

BA:  Hehe. How did you feel about the success of N and N+?

Mare Sheppard: We’re happily surprised, it’s pretty amazing to us that people are enjoying our games.


Looking Back – Interview with Edmund McMillen

Luckily for Battery Acid we were able to speak with the popular indie game designer and artist, Edmund McMillen. He’s helped in many popular indie games, such as Gish and Triachnid, and he has been interviewed by the likes of PC Gamer and The New York Times. And like the rest of my “Looking Back” interviews these are pretty outdated. I remember I did this around the time Aether was released because I fell in love with it so much that I decided to talk to Edmund.

BA: Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Edmund McMillen: Okay, my name’s Edmund McMillen. I’m a independent game designer and artist. Most know me from Gish, but I’m also now known for Aether): Coil, Triachnid, and C****. Some know me from my work on Braid as well.


Looking Back – Interview with Joost van Dongen

Before you read this article I’d like to say that this interview is outdated. This conversation was conducted in early October. And in particular I’d like to point out that Joost was a great sport. There was a scheduling issue that was my fault so I’m happy that he still let me interview even after the interview was put off so many times.

BA: Could you tell me who thought of the idea of de Blob?

Joost van Dongen: I am not sure, I

think it was Fabian(Ronimo co-founder). It was a group thing that came up during a collective brainstorm we were sitting in a McDonalds in Utrecht (the city where our Blob plays) and there is this huge air-photo of Utrecht, in black and white. We figured it would be awesome to paint that; that’s where the painting idea came from.