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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu features some Nintendo cameos/references

So yeah originally I decided not to really mention this since I was a bit lazy but thanks to the fact that I now know that the Power Glove appears on the show I’d thought I might as well post it.  So yeah this new anime, Baka to Test to Shokanjuu, seems to make reference to Nintendo more than once.


Exploring the Void: Part 3!!!

That site sure does update a lot.  Anyway the site has once again updated.

I can assume the first shot we saw in the site was a zoomed in view of a satellite dish and as we’ve advanced we zoomed out more.  I wonder if we’ll continue zooming out.

If you want to Explore the Void yourself.  Go visit the site here.

Exploring the Void!

It seems another image has popped up.  What can this possibly be?

Check out the official site to this mystery title here.

3 Things The Conduit’s Online is Lacking

The Conduit is, in my opinion, a good game and worthy purchase.  The graphics and controls are top notch, and the single-player is worth a run through,  but a few things hold it back from having that truly addicting online experience.

If only The Conduit's online was as addicting...


Explore the Void

What is it? Can you figure it out?

Check out what’s up on the site.  Check it regularly and maybe you’ll find out…

What’s your Gamer class?

I just found this through GoNintendo.  Try it out now.  It accurately “analyzed” me.  It’s a really simple test that only takes about a few minutes asking basically about your gaming preferences.


Name change…

I’m changing my name to Greenyz from now on.  I want something somewhat more unique.  GIAFGC stands for Guy in a floppy green cap.  Despite myself being a huge fan of the series I want my name to connected to myself rather than to a video game.  Thus I’m changing it to Greenyz, a name I usually use on the Internet outside of GIAFGC.

Oh and expect some more ‘Splosion Man stuff.  There’s a lot of media and I didn’t want all of it on one post with the PR stuff.