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‘Splodejement is imminent


Title Update and Leaderboard Wipe Coming to Splosion Man


‘Splosion Man Review

I finally got to play and review the game and boy was it wonderful.  Despite having such simple gameplay mechanics it manages to keep itself interesting and at times difficult


A ‘Splosion Man Review is coming

I’ve wanted to do this for so long.  I have the game I just need access to an Xbox 360.  Things in my life that are out of my control are inhibiting from playing the game or having a 360 at the moment so please don’t think I’m just lying.  I’m sorry for those who have expected one by now.

Twisted Pixel Games Interview – Post ‘Splosion Man Release

Another interview with Twisted Pixel!  This time with TWG’s CEO/Co-founder, Michael Wilford.  What I love about indie developers is that even the highest, most important people still talk to nobodies like me.  To all indie developers that have spoken with me,  stay cool guys!!!


My first animated gif

Four Swords NES

Four Swords NES

Since I don’t want to waste a post (even though I have an unlimited amount) I just want to mention that YouTube is strangely not working for me.  The ‘Splosion Man trailer’s taking a long time to process so here’s an alternate site you can go to watch the trailer.


‘Splosion Man Launch Trailer

I finally got it uploaded, enjoy.  Also five ‘Splosion Man related posts in a row, now that’s something.

Direct link

‘Splosion Man Image Blowout – Game Launch Edition!!!

 Expect some videos some time tomorrow.  They’re taking long to upload.