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More in store from XSEED

I once again contact XSEED to get info on pre-order bonuses related to their upcoming games and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

“In terms of pre-order bonuses, do you know about the Lunar Collectors Edition?  Or how about the exclusive Ragnarok Online accessories for your online avatar by pre-ordering Ragnarok DS at participating retailers?  We are also currently looking into a pre-order bonus for Fragile Dreams as well.”

And yes, we have some titles beyond Q1 which we haven’t announced yet.  We will probably make an official announcement within a month’s time or so about our upcoming lineup.

XSEED delves into the multiplayer of Sky Crawlers


Fragile Questions answered!

The minute I learned that Fragile was being translated by XSEED I just had to email them some questions.

Fragile was one of my most hyped games for the Wii during its development and I was so excited that my dream of the game being localized was coming true!

Sorry if some of the questions seem pretty bad, everything was a blur during the moment between me knowing about the localization and me typing out those questions.


Something really strange is going on…

So I contacted XSeed to talk about No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.  I was going to ask them about how complete the translation was in development.  I got this answer back from them:


XSEED Games Answers some questions

See what they said after the jump.