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Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

Coming off their hot streak with the Metroid Prime series, Retro Studios tries their hand at rebooting another famous Nintendo mascot: Donkey Kong.  While not adding much to the formula, Retro Studios keeps what made the original Donkey Kong Country games great, while simultaneously building upon it and perfecting it.  What the game lacks in innovation, it makes up for in sheer fun, brutal difficulty (in the most positive ways, of course), and beautiful scenery, resulting in a game that bests its beloved counterparts.

Review by Dustin Grissom


Swords and Soldiers Review (PS3)

Swords and Soldiers PS3

Swords and Soldiers, the simplified RTS game originally released on WiiWare more than a year ago, has made its way onto the Playstation Network.  While losing the Wii’s motion controls (the Move is not supported), the Playstation version adds a variety of new features, including updated graphics, a strong competitive multiplayer component, and addictive leader boards. Is it a fair trade off? (more…)

The Conduit Review/Impressions

I have a strict rule against putting a score so if that’s all you’re going to be looking for look away now.

First off I’m so glad to see how far The Conduit’s gone.  From a first person shooter exclusive with so much potential and no publisher at all, High Voltage Software aimed to give Wii owners what they wanted and what the big bad publishers wouldn’t offer.  It’s now here and I can tell you how much potential was met with this game.