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Ghost Trick (DS) review

From lawyers to ghosts!  Shu Takumi’s done it again.


Dead Space (Mobile) review

Naysayers be damned!  Dead Space Mobile manages to prove that iDevice gaming has the potential to offer meaty, more hardcore oriented gaming and at a higher value than other portable devices.


Swords & Soldiers HD Review (PC)

You have to commend Ronimo Games for attempting to design an RTS game specifically for consoles rather than try their hardest to cram the PC RTS design onto a console and gamepad.  It works for consoles but the limited design hurts the game, now that it’s on a platform where RTS games flourish.


Swords and Soldiers Review (PS3)

Swords and Soldiers PS3

Swords and Soldiers, the simplified RTS game originally released on WiiWare more than a year ago, has made its way onto the Playstation Network.  While losing the Wii’s motion controls (the Move is not supported), the Playstation version adds a variety of new features, including updated graphics, a strong competitive multiplayer component, and addictive leader boards. Is it a fair trade off? (more…)

Fat Princess Review

Animal Crossing + Capture the Flag + Fat Chicks = Fun!


‘Splosion Man Review

I finally got to play and review the game and boy was it wonderful.  Despite having such simple gameplay mechanics it manages to keep itself interesting and at times difficult


The Conduit Review/Impressions

I have a strict rule against putting a score so if that’s all you’re going to be looking for look away now.

First off I’m so glad to see how far The Conduit’s gone.  From a first person shooter exclusive with so much potential and no publisher at all, High Voltage Software aimed to give Wii owners what they wanted and what the big bad publishers wouldn’t offer.  It’s now here and I can tell you how much potential was met with this game.